Work Boats Construction

High Speed Work Boats Construction.

AvA Yachts offers the client highest quality Custom Yacht Building with highly competitive prices. When you decide to order a yard to build a custom designed motor yacht, the usual practice is to find first a yacht design and naval architecture firm to put one in mind into the papers. Almost all yacht builder companies might need you to give them your expectations from your yacht. That’s the key factor for costing of the construction of such a yacht precisely. A precise costing can make the difference between an excellent idea and a ruinous one.

Two matters are dominant in the custom semi-custom yacht building field; design it and produce it. AvA Yachts, as distinctive, provides you to find both in one hand. AvA Yacht’s naval architects and engineers are well experienced to understand customer’s needs. By AvA Yacht’s custom yacht design heritage inherited from the previous designs, AvA Yachts will present you the satisfactory creation.

The second stage construction, AvA Yachts staff are specialized on the application of the advanced technology yacht and boat construction materials, high tensile steels, aluminum alloys, fiberglass reinforced composite (FRP), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and wood. AvA Yachts finds most efficient way to produce the ideas among other many ways, the more expensive ones.

These facts enable AvA Yachts to provide highest quality yacht building facilities together with competitive costs in the custom yacht building field. AvA Yacht’s skilled, experienced and qualified staff, stylists, engineers, project managers and craftsman ensures the results to be excellent. Each detail are evaluated very carefully during the construction in AvA Yacht’s workshops as much as in the design and styling department.

Discover the Work Boats

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