Luxury Explorer Yacht Building

Luxury Explorer Yacht Building

AvA Yachts offers to design and build the highest quality Luxury Explorer Yacht Building with highly competitive prices. Ava Yachts has performed earlier many explorer / expedition yachts design and engineering studies successfully. Today, as a Yacht Builder, AvA Yachts has been building a sophisticated design, 34 metre, steel hull, aluminum superstructure explorer yacht named KANDO.

AvA Yachts approaches every new project in aspect of a style of design and engineering challenge and specialized on engineering of Long range Explorer Yachts. Explorer or expedition yachts are known with their longer-range cruising capability compared to the other conventional motor yachts. They are designed to carry high amount of fuel as much as possible, even though the volume that is reserved for the storage of fuel steal precious volumes from the accommodation spaces and causes yacht to have heavier displacement. 

However, it is a good compromise if you can provide the guests to cruise long voyages with comfort. That is the key factor bringing us more freedom; "go longest voyages with comfort". Explorer yachts enable the owners to arrive. Explorer yachts enable the owners to arrive through oceans, anywhere they desire. That's freedom. That is enough adventure that makes explorer yachts so appealing.

It is the key factor which is allowing an explorer yacht to be able to cruise, as depending on the amount of fuel storage, along 3,000 to 6,000 Nautical Miles without any fuel supply.

With developing technology, Today it is possible to reach higher ranes with lower fuel storage through hybrid propulsion systems that combines the diesel and electricity propulsion. This configuration makes these luxury toys an ocean cruising capable vessels. So that enables the owners to go and see too far places in the world, wherever they desire, from North Pole to South Pole.

"Long Range" feature of a design is a great challenge in all aspects of the engineering and is why we call those luxury yachts as Explorer Yacht. AvA Yachts is an explorer yacht designer and builder. Long Range Luxury Explorer Yacht Building is one of what AvA Yachts offering, at the highest quality with the competitive prices.