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Sprawling yacht building industry on the East-Mediterranean,  Antalya Freezone is hosting the custom yacht design and building company as well; AvA Yachts, among many other reputable yacht and boat builders located in.

A Custom Yacht Builder AvA Yachts is realizing the projects here in Antalya FreeZone and is building luxury yachts, high speed passenger vessels, patrol boats with talent, experienced and specialized engineers, project managers and craftsman. It is where the outstanding yachts and boats are built in the industry.

AvA Yachts workpeople have been specialized on the application of the advanced technology structural materials for yacht and boat construction, high tensile steels, aluminum alloys, fiberglass reinforced composite (FRP), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and wood.

AvA Yachts - The Story

The company AvA Yachts was established officially in 2005 as a naval architecture and engineering company by a group of naval architects who are experienced today more than 25 years in the yacht design and engineering field.

In the past 12 years, Ava Yachts has developed and engineered the designs of many remarkable yachts in wide variety of Luxury Explorer Yachts, Motor and Sailing Yachts, Steel, Aluminum, Wooden, Grp structure, Turkish Gulets, Passenger Boats and more.

Today AvA Yachts, with more than 3500 sq.meters closed yard based in Antalya, highly skilled and competitive Turkish workforce, and with the infrastructures of Antalya Freezone in Yacht Building field, moderate climate condition of Antalya city, is able to provide the owners to have high quality crafted and brilliant yachts with very competitive costs.

Having a knowledge on this advantageous condition of AvA Yachts, we purpose to make our place harden among reputable, well known yacht builders in the world.

AvA Yachts - Based in Antalya FreeZone

Ava Yachts kindly invites you anytime to visit it's factory. AvA Yachts factory is located at Antalya FreeZone on the route of Antalya - Kemer, adjacent to the Antalya harbour and Antalya Yacht Marina, 24km (30 minutes) from Antalya International Airport (AYT), in a tourism focused city of Mediterranean coasts; Antalya. There are many direct flights from more than 30 European capitals to Antalya International Airport. There are relatively large number of five stars hotels located in the range of around 10-15 minutes from Antalya FreeZone.

Antalya FreeZone, hence it is a mega yacht building center of Turkey, has attracted reputable yacht and boat builders to invest while decades. It's well established infrastructure and logistic support for constructing, transporting, launch and take ashore of the heavy tonnages, tax-free trade exemptions by the regulations, renders the FreeZone a perfect choice for yacht building investment.

Antalya, a tourism capital, is the center of Turkish Tourism Industry, attracting 30% of foreign tourists visiting Turkey. Antalya is the largest city on the Mediterranean coasts and is 8th most populous city of Turkey. July is the hottest month in Antalya with an average max temperature of 34.2°C (93.56°F).  And the coldest is January with average min. temperature of 6.0°C (42.8°F).

Design & Styling Approach

Interior and Exterior, AvA Yachts designers would like to offer you what you are looking for

AvA Yachts designs each new yacht, it's interior and exterior, with own experienced engineers and creative stylists. AvA Yacht's designers have been specialized on designing of the special marine vessels, high performance yachts, high speed passenger ferries, patrol boats and many others.

AvA Yachts believes that the devil lies in the details and is aware of creating a splendid yacht needs to spend a hard effort on figuring out of the each single detail on the design. It is where the success comes from. AvA Yachts produces the designs which are embodied with this manner.

AvA Yachts designs outstanding yachts for pleasing the eyes and to be pride to her owner.


Engineering Approach

While yacht owners enjoy the journey with their yachts, there are engineering experience and knowledge of AvA Yachts, behind the scenes.

 Creating a modern, an influencing motor yacht with exterior and interior is our stylist’s field of interest. Low resistant, high performance hull form is our engineer’s….

A low resistant hull form can be a part of lowering the consumption of fossil fuel, consequently the CO2 emissions. Considering the environment has been impelling AvA Yachts to develop nature friendly yachts. For this achievement, AvA Yachts uses the latest technology analysis tools, scientific techniques, computer software, tanks tests and trials.

Production & Facilities

AvA Yachts are fully equipped with the machine park and tools to manufacturing of the ideas. Within 3500 sq.meters enclosed area, AvA Yachts manufactures almost all of the production items, furniture, upholstery, mechanics, polished stainless steel accessories, paint, etc. relating to the construction of a yacht.

AvA Yacht's skilled staff, stylists, engineers, project managers, craftsman are focused on only one key principle; highest workmanship quality with competitive costs. That makes AvA Yachts one of the most preferable boat yard among other competitors.

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