24m Motor Yacht Refit – Hydraulic Stern Platform Modification – Arsi

24m Motor Yacht Refit


24m Motor Yacht Refit - A Russian client wanted us to replace transom stern with a hydraulically operated door of his 24 meters long yacht with a rotating platform actuated by two hydraulic cylinders. The most difficult point of this task was that all the floor levels including aft lazarette inside, side platforms outside and the floors on the rotating part must be at the same level for the both positions opened and closed on the new construction.

This problem can be solved by one centered rotation of moving part. However, it was impossible because the position of new platform was too close to the existing hull. If the closest point of the rotating part to the hull will be moving as an arc then the section of the under waterline of existing hull might be needed to modify and so that it might be costed too much more than expected.

AvA Yachts engineers solved that problem by applying a mechanism that can provide two centered rotation of the moving part of the platform. This mechanism moved the closest point of the rotating platform to the hull in straight vertical direction instead of an arc. So the rotating platform stayed at the same distance from the hull while opening and closing.

output_erwCcuAfter the solution found, all the stern of the yacht was cut and new structure was constructed by AvA Yachts staff. The rest of the refit works on Arsi were;

  • Paint of new structure,
  • Mounting a new hydraulic pasarella, 3 meters
  • Fixing the underwater lights to their new locations,
  • Renewing magongany bulwark top,
  • Renewing stainless steel parts on aft side, bulwark, bollards,
  • Fixing the new aft doors with stainless steel panto-graphic hinges
  • Renewing the deck teak covering on aft deck and platform
  • Adjusting the hydraulic platform automatic lock system


All the works on Arsi - 24m Motor Yacht Refit have been successfully completed and delivered to the client in 5 months.